Borehole Drilling | Do You Need a Borehole When It Rains?

Borehole Drilling Is a Practical Solution for Your Water Needs

February was a wet month in South Africa, with high average rainfall recorded this year and severe flooding in some parts of the country. With such high precipitation, you might wonder if borehole drilling is still a practical or necessary solution for your water needs. After all, with such an abundant source of free water available, why extract water from the ground? In this article, we will explain why you still need a borehole and why we are the right people to install it for you.


You Need a Borehole Even When It Rains

South Africa is currently experiencing its longest loadshedding streak in history, with the previous record broken in late 2022, and there is no sign of it ending anytime soon. Unfortunately, these power supply issues affect many aspects of our lives more than we realise. Pumps and reservoirs require electricity to function, which can lead to scenarios in which certain suburbs are left without water, even when it is raining. Heavy rains further complicate the issue when they damage public infrastructure and cause temporary water disruptions.

Rain is good for your plants and can save you a lot of money if you have a large garden, but unless you have taken steps to collect water while it is raining, you still need a potable source of water during drier times. The same reasoning applies to the above scenario in which rains damage infrastructure and disrupt the supply of water. Boreholes, therefore, present a practical alternative source of water that is not reliant on municipal infrastructure. While they need electricity to pump water, you can still pump as much water as you need when you are able to do so (during infrastructure-related water outages unrelated to electrical supply, for example). As rainfall tends to replenish groundwater levels, you will also be able to use your borehole for much longer, and the chance of it drying up is reduced.

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You Can Trust Our Borehole Drilling Experts

Borehole drilling is not something you should leave to amateurs, especially in adverse conditions such as heavy rainfall. Experts, such as the Inyati team, know how to drill boreholes safely and efficiently. We have an understanding of all the relevant laws and bylaws in each municipality, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure that we adhere to the highest health and safety standards. Skipping any of these procedures can lead to an unsafe water well or even severe property damage, so it is best avoided.

In addition to the strict safety protocols we follow, we also conduct extensive surveys on a property to determine the location and depth of groundwater and to decide on the best location for a drill to happen. In doing this, we avoid unnecessary problems like digging in the wrong areas or causing property damage that could have been avoided with a simple inspection.


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