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Inyati Drilling & Mining

Inyati Drilling and Mining

offers a wide range of high-quality drilling services to mining companies, industries and geotechnical experts. With turn-key solutions suitable for construction, mining, exploration, and geological industries we are able to meet the specific requirements of clients.

With our focus solidly on teamwork, superior customer service and world-class workmanship, we have grown into one of the largest and most reputable drilling companies in Africa. Our Reverse & Core Drilling Teams offer expert guidance on the selection of the most appropriate methods for drill and extraction according to the costs, samples, soil or rock formation and purpose of drilling.

We provide services ranging from exploration and percussion to blast hole drilling. Whether you need water wells drilled, samples for environmental impact studies, geotechnical investigations, or mining exploration, you will find that we have the equipment, expertise, and personnel to handle the project efficiently.

Inyati was founded in 2009, however, we have 45 years of experience.

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