ODEX Drilling / Simultaneous Casting Drilling

A special hammer drill bit is designed to be used inside and at the bottom of steel casing so that the drill bit has an eccentric reamer below the steel casing. With this method the hammer pulverises the material below the casing and then blows it back through the casing to the top of the hole.

As the hammer drives through the material, it also reacts against interior shoulder bevelled inside the steel casing, which pulls the casing down the hole as the hammer drill is advanced. This method is well suited for drilling through difficult formations such as rock fill and back fill.

Advantages of Odex Drilling / Simultaneous Casing Drilling

  • This method can be used in otherwise difficult situations such as drilling through back fill and boulders.
  • Steel casing is simultaneously placed down the hole as the drill bit advances thus saving time and holding back collapsing formation.

Disadvantages of Odex Drilling / Simultaneous Casing Drilling

  • Specialised method that requires experienced drill rig operators
  • Time consuming method
  • High cost of steel
  • High cost of sufficient capacity compressors
  • High cost of diesel consumption


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