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How Borehole Drilling Is Done

Borehole drilling is an efficient method to gain access to underground water sources on your property. Even if you have above-ground water sources like a dam or a pond, it is still a good idea to install a borehole. When there is a drought, the dam or pond you rely on for water will quickly dry up and become useless. If the drought is severe enough to do that, municipal water sources will also probably dry up, leaving you with little access to water. That is why a borehole is such a good investment. It will benefit you for a long time and will give you access to precious water when droughts turn it into a scarce resource. In the article below, we will explain how borehole drilling is done, including the pre-drill surveys and the process of drilling itself.


The Pre-Drilling Survey

You can’t just drill anywhere on your property and expect to hit water. Underground aquifers exist in relatively small (in relation to the property) pockets, which means that you need to drill where the aquifers are. In order to find the underground water, however, a series of tests and surveys need to be conducted. These surveys will help determine the exact location of underground aquifers and will help the drilling company (in this case, Inyati Group) to determine the best spot for the drill.

We employ a wide range of methods to find water. We will first look at geological maps and data that is already available for the property in question. This speeds up the process and saves us a lot of time by providing us with information that would have taken up a lot of time to collect ourselves. We then use a combination of radar, sampling, and other hydrogeological surveys to obtain more data about the area and look for the best drilling spots. When we find a good spot that is easily accessible, we can commence the drilling portion of the project.


How Borehole Drilling is Done

When the project finally commences, there are two major components that need to be completed. The first is actually getting the drill to the site and drilling the hole in the appropriate spot. We use precision equipment that has a low environmental impact to do this, even on residential properties. The only caveat is that our equipment needs easy access to the site.

The second component of this kind of project is pump installation. Your borehole won’t do you any good if there is no pump to extract the water! The kind of pump installed will be determined by the size of the borehole and the availability of the water. This will be determined before the drill commences and will also be contingent on the safety of the water.

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Do You Need a Borehole?

Whether or not you need a borehole can only be determined by you. While we generally advocate the installation of boreholes as a way to access water that is not dependent on municipal supply, we cannot make the decision for you. The best we can do is inform you of the potential benefits of a borehole and explain how the process works, which will then allow you to make an informed decision.

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