Geo Hydrological Surveys

Inyati Drilling and Mining cc. offers Geo-hydrological surveys. These operations are performed with the advanced DJI M600 Pro, a remotely operated aircraft (ROA) which carries a GSM Potassium Data Magnetometer. The magnetometer is used to send and receive pulses into and from the ground respectively, penetrating as deep as 500m under the earths’ surface.

We then produce state of the art aeromagnetic maps with the geo-hydrological data gathered, which gets analysed by our renown geologist. A detailed report is compiled, indicating the most accurate staking for groundwater and minerals.

The ROA has an estimated elapse time of 35-40 minutes, with a maximum horizontal range of 5000m and a maximum altitude of 4500m. Most survey operations, however, are conducted at a height between 30-50m, depending on the topography. Horizontal distances stretch to 500m, also dependent on weather conditions such as rain, fog lightning etc.

All ROA operations must be permitted by Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), whether local or cross border. Strict regulations apply in obtaining the permits, and only a professional and qualified pilot with all relevant documents and licences is appointed to operate the ROA.


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