Borehole Drilling

Mining Exploration, Geotechnical and Borehole Drilling Services in Africa

When looking for a borehole drilling company, you want to make use of a firm that boasts a solid track record and offers a variety of drilling methods to suit the project purpose. Inyati Drilling and Mining Group located in Pretoria, South Africa, is one of the best-known borehole drilling companies on the continent. Our range of drilling services is extensive, ensuring that we can meet client specific needs. Indeed, our company is ranked amongst the best drilling companies on the continent and with longstanding relationships developed with mining companies over years, we understand even the most complex client drilling requirements.

We offer water borehole drilling services in addition to geotechnical drilling. On the mining side we provide a range of exploration drilling services using methods such as core and reverse circulation drilling.  Whether you require blasting holes using production drilling methods or want drilling for the sake of monitoring you’ll appreciate our expertise, the advanced techniques we use, and our professional conduct. Our solutions are turn-key. We can set-up full camp facilities, manage the drill sites, and handle from drill project planning to completion.

Exploration Drilling

The procedure is applicable for the drilling of test holes to allow for ground content evaluation in a particular area. Clients use the method to find out if specific mineral deposits are present.

Reverse Circulation DrillingBorehole Drilling Company - Blast Hole Drilling

Also known as RC drilling the method is used to drill deep into the earth and return specific cuttings stored in rods. With this method we can drill up to 500 metres depending on the site to bring dry rock chips to the surface. A combination of air-power and water is used to get the chips to the surface. The water is used for the reduction of dust and to keep the drill bit cool.

Two types of RC drilling are used namely centre sample and conventional. The centre sample is a newer method that makes use of a centre sample hammer, which is hollow in the centre. The conventional method makes use of a down hole hammer and interchange. We use the centre sample method for mineral exploration.

Core Drilling

The method is used for the removal of a cylinder of material. It has a hollow centre where the material is left. Core drilling is used when you want to keep the core. The method is widely used for mining exploration and geological strata studies.

Water Borehole Drilling

Water costs have increased tremendously over the past few years. As the resource becomes scarce you can expect even more price hikes. Farmers, households and many manufacturing units depend on a reliable source of water supply. We offer you our expertise in drilling water wells, allowing you the benefit of using underground water. Homeowners and farmers wanting to avoid the costs of making use of municipal water supply or wanting to avoid using chlorinated water also benefit from the usage of water from boreholes.

We use drilling methods that minimise the effect on the environment. Our equipment and drilling methods are upgraded on a regular basis to ensure that we can drill in the most sensitive environments. The Inyati team takes all necessary steps to prevent pollution of underground water resources.

Rotary Mud Drilling

Using the direct Rotary Mud Drilling method, water with mud or additives are pumped down the drill pipe out through the drill bit jets from where the fluid moves up the annular space. The drill cuttings are suspended in the fluid and brought to the surface where the fluid flows into tanks and the cuttings are settled. Clean drill fluid is re-circulated from the opposite end of the settlement area to be used in the drilling process.

Air Percussion Drilling

Compressed air instead of fluid is used for transporting of the cuttings to the surface area. The method is applied for applications such as the sampling of hard rock for mineral quality. It is the perfect drill method to use if you need to drill through exceptional hard rock or want to gain an immediate indication of the quantity or quality of water at the drill site.

We offer various other types of drilling including Odex used for difficult drill situations; Hollow Stem Auger for near surface and soft surface drilling, and Geotechnical drilling for all geotechnical needs. Contact us today to discuss your particular drilling needs, whether you want a borehole, need to identify water quantity, require drilling for dolomite stability testing or want our assistance in mine exploration drilling.

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