Unlock Your Groundwater Potential with One of the Top Drilling Companies in South Africa

Groundwater can help if you struggling with dairy livestock productivity issues, or are you losing money over fresh produce export compliance standards? South Africa’s produce sector alone, contributes 52% of South Africa’s overall agriculture export basket. However, 70% of today’s dairy, fruit and vegetable farmers struggle to keep their doors open, with the industry seeing an 7-billion rand loss in turnover. South African farmers have to deal with many struggles beyond their control – but the greatest battle of all is water.

Experts Predict South Africa will Run Short of Water by 2030

As many South African businesses grapple with the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic, South Africa, with its rich agriculture climate, can become chief drivers in export-led growth. However, farmers face the constant onslaught of drought, rising fertiliser and energy costs, lack of government support, human and cattle security issues, and not to mention, lack of water. Farming is a hard industry, and if producers want to remain competitive, meet compliance standards, and yield profits, they must take control over their water. The solution: drill a borehole and become self-sufficient by choosing reputable drilling companies, like the Inyati Group.

Extract up to 20,000 Litres of Water a Day with a Borehole

South Africa’s agriculture sector uses nearly 79% of the total land area, of which only 12% is suitable for rain-fed crops, with the rest reliant on dams and rivers. Water is an essential nutrient for agricultural companies and their production but why struggle when you have millions of cubic meters of water under your feet. Drilling a borehole is a cost-effect advantage that not only secures constant easy access to unlimited water every day, but it reduces operational costs, increases yield, and boosts profits. A borehole is an answer to many problems and can be easily installed when you choose quality companies.

A Long-Term Sustainable Asset

Anyone can hire drilling companies to access the limitless water under our feet. It is a self-sufficient solution where you get access to natural underground springs to use in irrigation, wash equipment and surfaces, feed livestock, and even use in processing. Not only will you save money, but a borehole can be the very thing to keep your operation going. Groundwater demands little running costs – besides powering the pump, and it is almost maintenance-free, lasting up to 20 years if installed correctly. And this is why you must deal only with accredited drilling companies.

Accreditation, Expertise, and Experience are a MUST

A borehole is a narrow shaft bored into the ground with a large diameter casing that allows for a submersible electric pump which taps into the underground stores of water. But before installation, a drilling contractor must assess the geology, subsurface conditions, capacity, and quality of underground water. Consequently, groundwater requires expertise and experience. As a once-off costly investment that can turn into a liability if not installed correctly – to sift the standard from the elite, get reviews of all the drilling companies in your area and ensure they are a member of the Borehole Water Association (BWA). If not accredited by the BWA of South Africa, avoid them.

If farmers want to ensure ongoing productive agricultural systems and food security for future generations, they must take control of their water by drilling a borehole. However, this process is a lot more complex than drilling a bottomless hole in which to shove a casing with a submersible pump. It’s a 20-year investment, and if you want a streamlined installation without delays and equipment failures, you will need to partner with pioneers of drilling operations, such as Inyati Group. We are one of the companies who truly care and offer every operation, no matter how big or small, the utmost knowledge and skill.

Go Sustainable with Inyati Group

It takes 284 litres of water to process a kilogram of potatoes and 16,098 litres of water to process a kilogram of almonds. In a country where drought is standard, sustainable farming is more important than ever – and Inyati Group can help you unlock your groundwater potential. As one of the largest and most reputable drilling companies in Africa, we understand the problems farmers face and offer a wide range of high-quality services suitable for farming, construction, mining, and exploration industries. Staying at the forefront of regulations and using the latest technology, we deliver a one-stop service, covering borehole design, drilling, installation, and maintenance.

To find out more about how easy and affordable it is to get a borehole installed on your property, chat with one of our geologists or engineers.

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