Borehole Percussion Drilling: Secure Access to Free Unlimited Water Every Day

We need fresh water to survive and borehole percussion drilling offers the perfect solution. According to the World Health Organisation, over 35% of the world’s population lives without clean water or no water at all. While the current world population sits at 7,7 billion, by 2050, about 9 billion people will inhabit our planet, which will place further pressure on our already limited freshwater resources.

Water is a Resource More Valuable than Gold

With the world facing the most severe water and food shortage in three decades, and with the agricultural sector consuming up to 70% of the earth’s water supply, water insecurity poses a significant threat, affecting industry and the economy. To turn this around, homeowners, developers, clinics, hospitals, schools and communities in remote areas use percussion drilling to drill boreholes to meet their water needs.

Millions of litres of Water Right Under Our Feet

A resource far more valuable than gold, groundwater is underutilised water accumulated from rainfall and underground springs. As the only water source hidden from the threat of evaporation caused by heat and wind, groundwater is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. A cost-effective resource that not only secures constant easy access to unlimited water every day, boreholes also help reduce municipal water bills and add significant value to a property.

Groundwater is Free to Every South African

Whether for ecological or financial reasons, every South African may drill a borehole and utilise this freshwater resource. However, geohydrologists cannot guarantee a water strike when drilling for water. While a borehole drilling contractor can usually complete the installation process in a matter of hours, it can take up to five days. It all depends on the bedrock and the drilling method used.

As a borehole is a sustainable investment that can last up to 15 years—and usually far longer—percussion drilling is often the top drilling method used for installation, especially in quarries, mines, and dry, remote areas where water is seemingly nonexistent. A borehole can go down 300 meters into the earth’s crust, which is why it will require powerful percussion drilling to cut through and expel bedrock to reach this depth.

Powerful, Efficient, and Precise

As the most efficient and precise drilling method that essentially chisels neat holes into the earth’s crust, percussion drilling typically uses compressed air to jackhammer a chisel bit down the hole. Rubble and general debris are cleared and brought to the surface in the process. Unlike any other drilling method, percussion drilling can expel clay, laterite, boulders and gravel layers effectively and quickly. Besides dealing with most ground conditions, percussion drilling rigs are simple to operate and maintain, and they can drill thousands of feet—even drilling into water tables.

Critical for agricultural and construction projects, underground water has become a resource more valuable than gold. A quality borehole is an economical and ecological investment that will both demand minimal ongoing costs and yield unlimited quality water. However, if the drilling and installation process is incorrect, your investment will quickly turn into a liability. It’s strongly recommended that if you’re going to drill for water, you  partner with leaders in percussion drilling, like Inyati Group.

We Deliver Water Solutions to the Agricultural, Industrial and Residential Sectors

Delivering water solutions to homes, businesses, clinics, schools, developers, farms and remote communities throughout Gauteng, Inyati is a world-class provider of both industrial and residential borehole percussion drilling services. With many years of experience in the borehole and well drilling industry, we deliver a complete and comprehensive one-stop service that covers all aspects of borehole installation.

We Assess, Drill, Install and Maintain

At Inyati Group, we keep up with technological advancement through our own research, development, and interaction with international research institutions. Offering an economical and environmentally self-sustainable solution, we assess the surrounding geology, subsurface conditions, the capacity and quality of underground water. Once determined, we decide on the right borehole model for your water needs and start our percussion drill!

Unbeatable Prices and Maintenance Plans

Whether you are a fresh produce exporter that lacks clean water, a manufacturer in a remote area, a community clinic or a school. Even a homeowner looking to secure an unlimited supply of quality water each day—let Inyati Group help you drill your borehole. Chat with one of our drilling contractors today.

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