How Much Is That Borehole of My Dreams?

Is water more precious today than it was yesterday? Yes! Anyone thus thinking of sinking a borehole has already passed the point where it makes practical and financial sense – we, in fact, reached that point decades ago in South Africa. While borehole drilling prices have escalated over the years, as has everything else, when calculated with inflation factored in, it still costs very much the same per metre to drill a borehole today as it did 50 years ago – hence boreholes’ cost-effectiveness and widespread use. Although the pricing structure hasn’t changed, borehole drilling precision and delivery have changed – for the better. The days of an old “stamboor” standing around for days on end inching its way down are over – today’s drilling rigs are heavily engineered towards speedy, successful outcomes.

A variety of other costs come into play too, when it’s time to sink that borehole, but this is one arena where shopping on price can be disastrous. Borehole drilling prices vary, depending on the nature of the soil you’re drilling, the depth where water will likely be found, and the variable costs of casing the hole after drilling – before thinking of equipping the borehole too (fitting a pump, piping, and electrics that will enable you to pump water from the hole). Borehole surveying costs need to be factored in too – there’s no point getting to the site and taking potluck. The best boreholes are anticipated and planned, and deliver as you hoped, from where it’s been identified as optimum to drill.

Borehole drilling prices do vary, but your desires will remain the same – usually the desire for a stable borehole that will deliver good, clean water forever. Because of that, shopping on price alone can be a bad idea.

Rock-bottom price contractors might decline to go beyond a certain depth, trading on hitting water before then, and they’ll decline because they simply don’t have a rig that can or will go further. Also, making price your sales point in the game of borehole drilling means you’re running on a low margin, and need high volumes to stay afloat. Cheapie contractors will be assuming a modest depth and trading on moving on quickly, but a half job on borehole drilling is no job at all. It’s no exaggeration to say that the wheels come off at least half the time in cut-price drilling operations when you need another day or two, another 10 or 20 metres, and the contractor absconds and “promises to return”.

Cost Carefully and Enjoy the Investmentborehole drilling

When it comes to borehole drilling prices, you really do get what you pay for When choosing a drilling contractor, look at the company’s track record, and ask for references if needs be. The good contractors will understand that all you want is a professionally drilled, stable, productive borehole, and apply their expertise to achieve that within the expected budget and timeline. They’ll give you the service you deserve because they apply the science and experience necessary within the field to make for a successful drilling exercise.

Borehole drilling is very scientific it’s true, but the earth still plays her small tricks and comes up with subtle changes every now and then, no hard feelings. That said, a professional drilling concern absorbs these things as part of the process, one of the most common being excessively friable soil. You might assume soft soils make for easy drilling, but when it comes to borehole drilling prices, soft soil represents a more costly drill. It’s crucial to keep the deepening, hollow shaft clear when drilling, hence the difficulties of having soft soil collapsing into an ongoing hole. More extensive casing (steel tubing inserted into the first section of the borehole), as well as drilling additives, lessen those difficulties, but it bumps up the costs of drilling when it has to be factored in.

Hence borehole drilling prices vary, but you should ensure that the kind of detail around anticipated geology is present, for one thing. A professional borehole drilling quote comes with willing education from the contractor, who will be happy to explain each line item and its importance.

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