Tap into Your Underground Water Supplies with Core Drilling Contractors

Struggling to get quality water out of your taps, core drilling contractors are your solution. The agricultural industry is a tough business. Farmers fight drought, pricey fertilisers, theft, and the contamination of our natural resources. But most importantly, producers face enormous energy costs. Why? A lack of water!

Water, a resource more valuable than gold, is a critical part of human life and industry. However, over the past decade, South Africa has grappled with drought, floods, the mismanagement of funds, the deterioration of municipal wastewater treatment plants, and in many informal settlements of the country, water shortages. Experts predict South Africa will run out of its water supplies by 2030, which means that now more than ever,  the agriculture industry must opt for a sustainable solution.


A Borehole is an Invaluable Asset for any South African Farm

At Inyati Group, we are core drilling contractors that believe that the more control farmers have over their water, the more control they will have over their livelihood. That said, many farmers throughout the agriculture industry have turned to Inyati Group, South Africa’s leading core drilling contractors, to help them tap into their underground water supplies. If you are unsure of whether this is the right solution for you, here is why drilling a borehole is an invaluable asset for any South African farm.

  • Groundwater is Free – vital to the functioning of the entire water cycle, groundwater must play a more substantial role in supplying informal settlements and farmers with water. As the most underutilised water resource, hidden from the threat of drought and theft, every South African may use this natural resource, with no permission required.
  • Accessibility – a borehole is a deep hole drilled into the ground by core drilling contractors to reach water stored in the aquifer. Highly dependent on the depth of the terrain, the water table may be hundreds of meters below the surface, or it may be close to the surface. Either way, drilling a borehole makes underground water readily available, which is particularly useful in areas where the nearest water source is kilometres away.
  • Top Quality Water – when cows drink poor quality water, farmers lose hundreds of litres of milk a day. The same applies to produce and livestock farmers. Farmers rely on water, which is why they must ensure a consistent supply of quality water, but South Africa’s agriculture sector already consumes about 60% of our nation’s available water supplies. Fortunately, when you get a core drilling contractor to install a watering hole, you are ensured of prime quality.
  • Costs Less Than Municipal Water – boreholes are a self-sufficient environmental and economical long-term solution that will last for up to 20 years. Requiring little ongoing costs to run and maintain, boreholes provide thousands to millions of litres of clean, naturally filtered water every day. And it will reduce your municipal water fees. A borehole will save you plenty of money down the line. You also get to determine and manage your water usage, and you do not have to adhere to municipal water restrictions.
  • Resource Savings – Fuelled by drought and the pollution of our natural resources, groundwater supplies have fast become the cornerstone of the agricultural industry. A relatively untapped resource, groundwater fosters sustainable farming, reduces fertilisation costs, ensures a reliable water supply to communities, and helps preserve our scarce water resources, all while maintaining environmental quality. Farmers that use underground water supplies not only better their yield, but they help to preserve our precious resources.


Water is a Resource More Valuable than Gold, Seek Help From Top Core Drilling Contractors

Beneficial to agricultural and construction projects, underground water has become a resource more valuable than gold. Get help from the right core drilling contractors. Whether you are a farmer that lacks quality water for crops, a private organisation that requires water for manufacturing, or a community clinic or school looking to get an unlimited supply of clean, quality water each day, let Inyati Group assist in drilling your borehole.

Delivering water solutions to homes, businesses, clinics, schools, smallholdings, and farms throughout Gauteng, Inyati Group is a world-class provider of both industrial and residential borehole core drilling services. To find out how you can get a borehole installed at a price you can afford, chat to one of our core drilling contractors today.

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