Domestic Boreholes Help to Address Water Supply Issues

Domestic boreholes are alternative water sources for property owners. Although South Africa ranks amongst the top 30 driest countries in the world, groundwater sources are still in abundance.

Groundwater refers to underground water. In order to get the water to the surface and use it for domestic purposes, a borehole must be drilled, and the appropriate pump system installed. Although the process is rather complex, having an expert company handle the entire project helps to minimise the effort and costs associated with the drilling and installation of boreholes.

How the Process Works

Hydrogeologists help to locate the exact sites for maximum water supply potential before domestic boreholes are drilled. The underground water supply is known as the aquifer. Once an aquifer is located, a test hole is drilled. It is best to drill through solid rock rather than soft sand. This is so because rock forms a natural and sturdy wall for the hole, reducing the need to stabilise the drill hole to prevent collapse. If the side walls are soft sand, special casings must be installed to keep the hole open. This can add to the expenses associated with the installation of domestic boreholes.

We can break through solid rock with our core-drill process. The method enables us to remove the cylindrical mass from the rock through which we have drilled. Once the sample has been taken, it is possible to examine the soil content and determine the feasibility of the hole. Once the testing process is completed, we can proceed with the installation of a test pump to test the borehole functionality, possible contamination level, potability of the water, and the potential yield. Even if the water is not potable, it can still be usable for garden irrigation or water feature applications.

Keep in mind that rainwater replenishes the underground supply of water. It is thus recommended to test domestic boreholes on a regular basis to determine the level of contamination. This is especially important when the water supply is intended for use in kitchens or bathrooms.

If the water is potable, you can replace the municipal water supply. At the very least, you are able to substitute part of the municipal water supply or have backup supply available.

The main advantages of domestic boreholes are briefly noted below.

Potable and Mineral-Rich Water Supply

It is not always possible to get uncontaminated and potable water supply from domestic boreholes. However, where such water supply is potable, it is equally rich in minerals, clean and free from hazardous chemicals.

Reduction in Municipal Utilities Bill

With the larger part or the entire water supply requirements met through the borehole water, you do not have to be concerned about penalties for filling your swimming pool, irrigating the garden, and washing the driveway. Your municipal water bill can be reduced while you also have more freedom to use water responsibly for daily living requirements.

Asset That Increases Property Value

Although property owners have to consider the initial installation costs, monthly electricity expenses, and the occasional servicing or maintenance bills, domestic boreholes are also value-adding assets. The domestic boreholes can be operational for many years. As such, any property fitted with one certainly has more appeal than one where the resident is entirely dependent on the municipal water supply.

Where to Get Help

Considering the importance of having such a water resource on your property, it makes sense to choose the best when it comes to the installation of domestic boreholes. To this end, you will appreciate our proven track record that spans over 14 years. With our expertise extending to drilling for mines as well as farmers in the agricultural sector, we have the know-how to ensure a straightforward process.

Our service offering includes all aspects of locating the right drill location, drilling the test hole, sampling and fitting the hole with the correct casing, and installing the pump. Our pump selection expertise, together with borehole maintenance experience, and our reputation for excellence are among the reasons why so many property owners have already made use of our services.

Gain access to clean and reliable water supply. Work with experts in the drilling of domestic boreholes. Get in touch for a free quote.

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