Going Underground for Water: 3 Reasons to Install Domestic Boreholes

“There is not enough water for SA” – Lindiwe Sisulu. Many invisible threads connect nature to our plates, backyards, and to the daily products we use – but of them all, water is the lifeblood. The country is experiencing severe water shortages, and experts have warned of a water crisis that could mirror SA’s energy crisis.

Water is a hot topic in South Africa, as the government enforces stringent regulations. Drought coupled with the increase in population, the effects of climate change, and the increase in energy costs – experts predict South Africa will run short of water by 2030. But why struggle when we have trillions of cubic metres of water right under our feet, of which 15% is only utilised?

As climate change and our crumbling municipal infrastructure further threaten South Africa’s water security, many rural areas increasingly rely on groundwater as a vital water source – and domestic properties should be no different. Here are some top reasons to install a domestic borehole on your property.

No More Poor Quality Water and Water Restrictions

Over the past decade, we have been led to believe that South Africa’s water quality is amongst the finest in the world. Yet, the state of South Africa’s municipalities and water quality, paint a very depressing picture. Low levels of rainfall and water pollution, coupled with the long-term effects of water management have left us in the red zone. But this is where domestic water boreholes come to the rescue. There are billions of cubic metres of fresh groundwater right under our feet. As a result, when you install a borehole, you will never have to worry about poor quality water, no water, or water restrictions again.

Save Money and Add Value to Your Property

While we have focused much attention on Eskom’s rolling blackouts and rising electricity costs, it has become abundantly clear that our current approach to water and wastewater infrastructure does not meet quality standards and population demand. Moreover, municipal water costs are on the rise, but domestic boreholes can save you money each month. Requiring very little ongoing costs, apart from the drilling costs, and the little electricity used to power the pumps, a borehole is a cost-effective asset that reduces municipal water bills and adds significant value to a property.

Become More Self-Sufficient

South Africa is struggling with both drought and the long-term effects of water systems that are buckling under the weight of our demand, and unless we do something about it, our next crisis – like the Eskom crisis – will be water cuts. Possibly, the most noted benefit of being able to use your underground water is that there are millions of cubic metres of water right under your feet, and every South African may use this precious resource responsibly. Relying on domestic boreholes for an unlimited supply of water, instead of a municipality, will give greater control over your water supply, allowing you to become more self-sufficient.

The Future of Unlimited Access to Clean Water in South Africa

In the throes of a national water crisis, many homes in South Africa are installing boreholes on their property. Allowing you to tap into your private underground supply, boreholes are the best way to ease water shortages and bring superior quality water to your property. These powerful water sources cut out a large percentage of municipal costs, and they use less energy to extract water than it does to get drinking water from a tap. Investing in a borehole for your home is an economical and environmental choice that can give you unlimited access to thousands of litres of clean water a day. It is the future of unlimited access to clean water in South Africa.

So what are you waiting for? Whether for domestic, commercial, or industrial use, if you are interested in a borehole, get in touch with Inyati Group. As one of South Africa’s top providers of industrial and residential borehole services, we cover all aspects of borehole design, sales, drilling, installation, and maintenance. Delivering water solutions to homes, businesses, clinics, schools, smallholdings, and farms throughout Gauteng, we can have boreholes ready and working in as little as a few days.

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