Exploration Drilling Companies: How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Planning on executing an exploration programme, or is your property sitting on a mineral, bentonite, zeolite, diamond, gold, or crystal mine? The more you dig, the more you find, so what lies beneath our feet is a mystery for many of us. Although drilling machines are indispensable to the mining, oil, coal, gold, and diamond industry, they are just as significant in archaeology and geology. Core drilling is the reason we know so much about geology, climate change, and plant history today.

How the Procedure Works

Exploration drilling is a procedure in which the driller or the engineer will drill several test holes in a designated area to evaluate the material and rock compositions of the ground. The reason is to determine whether mining the site for its resources will generate profit or not. However, there are many types of core drilling machines, each designed for a specific task. As a result, you will need to partner with one of South Africa’s leading exploration drilling companies. Here are four guidelines that will ensure you partner with the right company for your needs.

A Proficient Company

The importance of the right drilling company can be the difference between enjoying impressive returns on your investment for years to come and millions of rands squandered. But with so many drilling companies to choose from, choosing the right one for your specific needs can be difficult. For this reason, we have listed a few of the many qualities a reputable player in exploration drilling will offer.

Experience and Know-How are Foremost

Drilling is far more complicated and involved than driving a casing into the ground. Every drilling project demands drillers that are proficient in what they are doing, so when you are looking for a drilling company, look for expertise and experience to ensure the completion of your projects efficiently, safely, and on budget. They must have experience in underground and surface drilling, and with projects in unfamiliar terrain. Precision comes from experience, so look for a company with an established online an onsite presence and experience and expertise in all the above.

Latest Equipment and Technologies

Drilling services and equipment vary, and the equipment used by drilling companies depends on the job and the terrain. If you want a company that ensures excellence – a streamlined project without delays and equipment failures, partner with a pioneer in state-of-the-art technology and drilling services. Innovators will have a large fleet of equipment and drills to tackle a broad range of unique drilling specifications to provide the best service possible.

Licencing and Certification are Deal Breakers

Now that you have a better idea of how to sift the elite from the standard, you can shortlist your candidates. You want to ensure they are honourable, operate using the latest technology, and are at the forefront of regulations, laws, and policy. Your next step will be to ensure they are certified and licensed as accreditation means you are dealing with a reputable company that has met stringent requirements that prove their expertise in the industry and basic business principles.

The competitive world of exploration drilling is constantly strengthening and staying ahead of the changes requires innovation extraordinary commitment. While doing your homework and research is essential; sourcing quotes from multiple companies is also the best way to make a smart selection.

Keep in mind, however, that that cheap is not always best. A company that can provide years of experience, expertise in various projects, the latest equipment and drills, and a team of professionals who are skilled in every type of terrain and material will provide the best outcome for your investment. You might pay a little more, but you will get the best ROI.

If you are looking for exploration drilling companies in Gauteng that understand the true meaning of ambition, power, and promise, then partner with Inyati Group. As industry leaders in performance and safety, we deliver cost-effective services of the highest calibre built for the harshest conditions, on the most troublesome terrain, and in the most remote locations throughout South Africa and Africa. Contact us today for more information on our core drilling machines best suited to your site.

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