How Home Borehole Drilling Works and Why You Should Get Your Own Water Supply

South Africa is one of the driest countries in the world, and the recent drought highlighted the water scarcity in the country. Add to such, the risk of water-supply interruptions because of pipe bursts and issues at water sanitising plants, and it becomes clear that having a home borehole is beneficial. If you make use of an expert home borehole drilling company, you can have clean water for home or garden use in no time to counter the mentioned risks.

The Home Borehole Drilling Process Entails the Following Steps:

Site visit to determine viability: You don’t want to spend unnecessary funds to drill for water in the wrong spot. That’s why a hydro-geologist visits the site and assesses the geographical make-up of the property. This is also necessary to prevent accidental drilling into a pipeline or cable.

Drilling process: A path is prepared for the process. This also entails the construction of the drill hole at the relevant spot. Once the hole has been drilled, it is steel cased to reinforce the hole.

Yield potential: Once the water level is reached, the aquifer test is completed to determine the yield capacity of the particular borehole. It also entails the installation of a test pump used for pumping the water for a specific period and at a specific rate. The results are used to determine what the impact of the pumping is on the water level. The abstraction rate is adjusted to get to the maximum capacity of water delivery from the particular borehole.

Pipe installation: If the water flow rate is sufficient, a pump system and the necessary pipes are installed for the home borehole. The pump and pipes are selected according to the purpose of the water supply, including irrigation, filling of the swimming pool, and domestic indoor usage.

Cleaning of the area: The final step involves repairing the area to ensure it is as close to the original state as possible.

What Is the Cost of Home Borehole Drilling?

Of course, you want to know how much the process will cost. To determine the cost, we assess the type of soil which must be drilled through, the depth of the drill hole, the purpose for which you want it installed, equipment required, and the labour involved.

The geographical characteristics of the drill site play an important role in the price. Such characteristics include the soil type, rocks, and depth of the water level. Keep in mind that the one-size-fits-all approach cannot be followed when it comes to home borehole drilling because of the factors mentioned. You also need to keep the quality of the water in mind when deciding how you will use the water.

The Components That Impact the Costing of Home Borehole Drilling Include:

  • Locating the spot for maximum water supply potential at the lowest cost for drilling,
  • Machinery and equipment required, movement of such, setting up and removal,
  • Cost of drilling per metre in terms of depth and the soil or rock that is present,
  • Construction of the drill hole, which includes the labour, materials, casing needed, wellhead, the gravel pack as relevant, and sanitary seal; and
  • Installation of the platform and the pump.

Why Opt for Expert Drilling?

A borehole can supply water for 10-25 years, depending on the depth, water available and proper maintenance of the equipment. Having a residential natural water source has many benefits, some of which are briefly noted below.

Mineral-rich and chemical-free water supply: Groundwater is often rich in minerals, which in turn provide essential nutrients for plants. The water is untreated and thus free of all the chemicals associated with sanitisation plants.

An asset that adds value to the property: The borehole helps to increase your property’s value.

Reduce the reliance on municipal water supply: Pipe bursts, breakdown at a water sanitisation plant, strikes, and more can cause water-supply interruptions. Having your own water supply during the time can thus help to continue normal day-to-day living.

Reduce water costs: If you use water for irrigation and filling the swimming pool from the municipal water supply, you can expect a hefty water bill every month. With water from the borehole, you don’t risk paying hefty fines for excess water use.

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