Ways and Purposes of Core Drilling in South Africa

Core drilling is a common construction practice for builders and contractors when they need to bore holes in the ground for building purposes. Some businesses also use this method for mining or exploration of minerals; core drilling in South Africa is usually done because of this purpose.

Around the world, construction and drilling companies offer various services to clients depending on the degree of work they need to be done, and core drilling is one of those methods they can employ. Drilling rigs can be huge structures and employ various methods.

The MethodCore Drilling Contractors - Drilling Companies

Core drilling works by boring a hole into the ground using hardened steel blades. Sometimes, tungsten blades are also used on the drill bit. There are usually three blades fixed around the drill bit, which then cut the ground. Core drilling usually penetrates through to the regolith, or the layer of soil above the bedrock.

Once the hole has been made on the ground, an inner tube inside the outer rod barrel is the chute through which the drill cuttings are separated and blown up on the surface. This is how the cuttings are collected.

The Services

Core drilling is employed for most construction jobs that need to make holes of any size and depth. This is usually required when working on a water system and electrical applications. Core drilling is also used for gas and heating system installations, for plumbing and telecommunications, and for construction work like in bridges and railways.

This is also a common method in mining applications and explorations. Most construction services offer several kinds of core drilling. Core drilling in South Africa usually means diamond drilling. South Africa is known to be rich in various mineral deposits, which attracts scientists, geologists, and in the case of diamonds Рbusinessmen.

Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling in South Africa, also known as exploration diamond drilling, uses multi-combination rigs that dig into the ground to extract these precious stones. The drill bits are infused with diamonds, which are used to cut through the stones that surround the gem. The diamonds are then identified according to weight or size.

Core drilling usually is a low-noise, non-percussive, and dustless operation. By getting started on diamond core drilling, the miners decide whether to continue exploring a certain patch of land in search for more gems and stones.

Core drilling in South Africa is employed for various purposes, both for construction and commercial use. This method takes longer because it is usually done on hard surfaces, with depths from 1,200 to 1,800 meters. Some use electronic core drilling to drill perfect holes for substances to be used to create tiles and other plumbing devices, like granite.

This is one of the quickest drilling methods that can be used to carry out a job efficiently. The hydraulic method is done with both electric and mechanical devices, and is a safer way to assure that the job will yield durable and reliable results.

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