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What to Look for in Ground-Breaking Drilling Companies in Gauteng

There are several drilling companies in Gauteng, ready to blast and drill at your service. If your project requires core drilling to be done, you may want to do your homework regarding which supplier can give you the best result at the best price. It may seem like a lot to take in at first, so here are some things to look out for when you are researching the best contractor for the job:

Get an All-Inclusive Package

When you are planning a project that requires extensive drilling or mining, do not waste your time and money. These valuable resources should be invested in a trusted drilling company who knows what they are doing. Get a supplier that provides the labour, the technical assistance, and all the tools and equipment necessary to do the task at hand. This is the package you should be looking out for, if you want to get maximum value for your investment. Get a contractor who understands the project, from work orders and worksite locations, to borehole locations and any specialised instructions associated with the project.

Have the Delivery of Equipment Included

We all know the struggle of getting the right tools and equipment to the worksite, especially if they need to come from a busy Gauteng city. Many project sites are remotely located, where roads have to be constructed to reach them. When you are looking for the perfect drilling company, you have a firm handle on your requirements for the necessary tools and equipment, and discuss how these are delivered to the worksite. It is best to get an experienced company that has worked many different sites and terrains.

Task Modifications Are Part of the Job

Sometimes the work flow has to be changed during the course of the work. For example, boreholes may have to be relocated or the depth of the borehole might need need to be increased or decreased. Ensure that your drilling company is able to make modifications as necessary and understands the likelihood of changes that might need to be made to during the course of the project. They will need to have the necessary equipment and expertise to carry out these modifications without adding unnecessary costs.

Safety Takes First PriorityCore Drilling Contractors - Drilling Companies

On big projects where heavy and dangerous equipment is operated, accidents can happen. Always consider a drilling contractor that that has the necessary up-to-date safety precautions in place. The company should adhere to all national legislation and regulations regarding mining and drilling. Your project coordinator should clearly communicate the safety hazards on the worksite to everyone involved. All personnel working on site should be supplied with the right safety gear, be trained and informed as to the correct safety regulations, and on what to do when things go wrong.

Experience Goes a Long Way

Nothing can serve as a substitute for experience. When looking for the perfect drilling company for the job, be sure to research if they have field-proven foremen and crews with reputable references and proven experience. Inyati Group has some of the most experienced crews in Gauteng and provides exploration drilling services throughout the African continent. When it comes to drilling, we cover a selection of extensive services, ranging from water well drilling to percussion drilling and exploration. If you are looking for a reputable industry leader, look no further than us for cutting-edge innovation and quality service. Even though we are based in Gauteng, we are among the largest drilling operations in Africa, priding ourselves on the excellent relationships that we have built with some of the largest mining companies around the world.

Why Inyati Group Should Be Your Contractor

We are the obvious choice when it comes to expert drilling services to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Our experience in exploration drilling includes a number of different services, such as circulation and core drilling solutions, as well as percussion drilling. If you want to get the full package and require on-site services, we also offer a camp facility setup and management, as well as a planning and development programme. If you would like to learn more about our innovative company, visit our offices in Pretoria, Gauteng, or give us a call for more detail on our previous projects. We look forward to welcoming you with our expert services to make sure we complete a successful project, together.

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