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Many might be familiar with borehole drilling and even blast drilling, where the pursuit is either for water or a suitable shaft down which to drop explosives to clear the path of building construction or roadways. Core drilling is a member of the same family, but it’s an unfamiliar term for most people outside of the fraternities that regularly employ these contractors. Whereas drilling into the earth is usually in pursuit of a familiar resource, in the life of core drilling contractors, the core is the resource.

In a nutshell, these drills are specially designed to glean a sample from underground. If you are wondering whether you have underground water, whether your garden is sitting on shale, or whether your house is sitting on clay, then this system provides those answers. It’s an investigative technique geared towards allowing us a peep below the surface of the visible terrain. Unlike borehole drilling that involves pulverising whatever is in the way towards accessing underground water, these contractors focus on drilling into the soil in order to glean a small cylindrical sample of what lies beneath. Because of the shape of the drill, a residual core is left behind within the drill, and these carry a huge amount of information about what’s lying underfoot.

Professional Contractors Provide the DataCore Drilling Contractors

The resultant samples from this exercise provide detailed information to the experienced eye, and very often, contractors are commissioned by their clients to drill for cores before major borehole drilling takes place. Few things are lousier than standing in the wind with dust billowing in your face, as you watch a borehole drill hammer away with no water in sight. The deeper it goes, the more expenses mount, and dry boreholes take away the promise of water that makes the whole exercise worthwhile. Core drilling eliminates the guesswork from geological estimates that happen above ground. Once samples have been removed and inspected, there’s not a whole lot left to guess at. They thus provide detailed intel about the nature of the soil, the substrate, and water availability.

Although there are a host of other reasons to commission core drilling contractors, certainly the most common suburban desire is to find underground water. As municipal water costs rise each season and the number of chemical cleaners and additives increases, many people find themselves compelled to seek fresh, untreated underground water. Businesses too are often big users of available water, yet the cost of opening taps on their scale can be prohibitive. Indeed, commercial clients in search of clean underground water are the biggest employers of core drilling contractors, but the process remains the same no matter the client’s needs or locale.

Not All Contractors are Made Equal

Especially when it is being done to look for water, it’s imperative that in the process of lifting core samples, whatever water might be down there is not contaminated. Drilling is a fairly simple operation, no matter that it’s evolved from a human hand twirling a sharp object to act like a drill bit, into the hi-tech and powerful drilling rigs we use today. With that being said, it’s also not just a matter of shoving a steel bit into the ground. Professional, reputable contractors know their rig inside and out, understand every possibility they might encounter down a hole big or small, and also ensure that their presence doesn’t contaminate the very resource the operation is designed to secure.

Inyati Group is a collective of professional contractors who never listened to mom when she said to stop playing in the sand! Our expertise has been honed by years of shifting, mining, and interpreting the surface of the planet, and a good way beyond it too. We know our job backwards, provide friendly and prompt service, and we’re also constantly improving systems and methodologies to minimise our footprint on-site in ecologically sensitive areas. And yes, that includes the flower bed in front of your house – we don’t do damage! We just get results. Core drilling is a smart and skilful way to glean surety from the unseen, to extract the meteorological history of a place or determine the availability of underground water.

When it’s imperative that you know what’s below, call on Inyati Group for cutting edge technology and services. We are always ready and waiting to pull those cores, makes sense of geological realities, and produce rewarding results for our clients.

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