Borehole Drilling Is A Feasible Way to Access An Alternative Water Source

Borehole Drilling is an alternative source of water for your home or business. Groundwater is a term that refers to the yielded water from your borehole. Since the aquifer is underground and drilling is required to gain access to it, it is called groundwater. Many residential and industrial properties in Gauteng take advantage of having a source of groundwater. It is accessible by drilling a well into the nearest underground aquifer and installing a pump to pump the water to the surface. The process is much more complex than simply finding a soft spot and starting to drill. There are several steps to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. If you are interested in a secondary water source on your property, our solutions can ensure that you get it. Today, we will discuss some key points of such a process and what to expect when doing it.

The Borehole Drilling Process

When drilling a borehole, the first step is to locate and site the right spot before penetrating the surface. To do this, a hydrogeologist is hired to locate the nearest underground water source, also called an aquifer. Once it is located, the drill spot can be sited and the process can begin. The best place for a water well is on solid rock. Although it seems like a bad idea to choose the most resistant material to go through, the rock forms a natural well wall that will not collapse. By going through sand or soil, the sides of the well may collapse, complicating the process and making it much more expensive than it should be, since well walls would have to be installed.

We offer core-drilling services that are ideal for creating boreholes through rock. This removes a cylindrical mass from the substrate it goes through. This can be recovered and studied to examine the content of the soil, which would be the case when using it for research purposes. A borehole is a modern version of a water well. Once the process of creating the well has been completed, the next step of the installation can commence. This brings us to testing the yield and optimising the system before the final steps to complete the installation. Positive-displacement pumps are commonly used to pump the water from the aquifer to the surface. These pumps are usually of the submersible type, making for a very efficient way to move the water to the surface.

borehole drilling

The Installation Process

Once a test pump is installed, the yield of your borehole drilling can be tested. The yield test will shine a light on various aspects, including the functionality of the borehole and the contamination levels of the water being pumped to the surface. Once the test is complete, the yield is optimised and the final components are installed. Our core-drilling services are only the beginning of the journey of getting access to groundwater. Now, you can take advantage of your new water source. Many people get discouraged when they yield contaminated water from their aquifer. However, even though you may not be able to drink it, this type of water can still be used for almost every outdoor application – everything from powering irrigation systems at your home to running outdoor water features. In fact, you would be surprised at how many uses there are for groundwater that isn’t potable.

Underground aquifers are replenished by rainwater. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly test the contamination levels of the water before using it. For outdoor use such as washing the car or watering the garden, any groundwater is a fine substitute for municipal water. For indoor use, you must ensure that your groundwater is potable before running it to the kitchen and bathroom. Should this be the case, you can substitute your entire municipal supply with your groundwater supply. This can save you a lot of money on your municipal bill.

Inyati Group is your first choice when it comes to borehole drilling solutions. We also offer other types of drilling services for industrial purposes. For more on how we can assist you at work or home, please browse our website for details on our solutions. Get access to groundwater today with us on your side.

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