Our Borehole-Drilling Solutions

Core drilling is for creating cylindrical holes in the ground. These are needed for creating maintenance holes and wells and they are also commonly used in mineral exploration, going very deep into the ground to extract samples. These samples are tested to examine the contents of the soil at that specific depth. The results are handy for mining operations, as they play a determining role in where the best possible siting would be for a mine. Although this form of drilling is mostly aimed at industrial applications, it is also a feasible way to drill boreholes. Since its basic function is to create cylindrical holes, it is the ideal solution to create water wells too.

Borehole drilling is best described as creating a well through which an underground aquifer can be accessed. Several regions in South Africa have abundant sources of underground water, which has led to many boreholes being installed at residences and businesses. A very important part of such the process is the walls of the well. Should they collapse during drilling, there can be expensive complications. Therefore, it is recommended to drill through a rock slab or other hard material that can form the walls of the well. By having a natural wall that is already strong, this process faces fewer potential complications along the way. It also eliminates the need to fortify the walls, as is the case when going through softer materials like soil.

The Benefits of A Borehole

Water wells are as old as time itself, with many historical examples of wells that date back to before the Axial Age. Humanity has used groundwater from underground aquifers for thousands of years. The initial concept involved tying a bucket to a rope at the top of the well and lowering it into the aquifer to scoop up water. Luckily, modern technology ensures that we can pump groundwater from the source to the surface. The first step in borehole drilling is for a hydrogeologist to locate the nearest aquifer. Once the location has been sited, drilling can start. This process will get messy because all the material drilled out of the hole must go somewhere.

A borehole is a great solution for an alternative source of water for your business or home. Groundwater can be used for almost any outdoor application, including washing your car and powering your irrigation system. The contamination level of the water determines if your yielded groundwater is potable. Some people are lucky by getting potable water straight from their aquifer. In this case, the sky is the limit on how you want to use your borehole water. However, if your yield is contaminated, you won’t be able to drink it, even though outdoor uses like powering water features or maintaining a swimming pool will still be on the cards. Therefore, it is pivotal to regularly test the contamination levels of the yielded water. Aquifers are replenished by rainwater that seeps through the ground. Therefore, the contamination levels can vary and are unpredictable, which is why regular testing is necessary to stay informed on what you can use your groundwater for.

Borehole drilling requires proper planning and execution. Problems can crop up in any types of drilling, so you need the right partner to ensure that the risks are mitigated and the execution is flawless. Inyati Group is your solution to gaining access to groundwater at your home or business. We offer various turnkey mining and drilling solution for our clients. Whether you need core or percussion solutions, we have you covered. An alternative source of water is very useful in many scenarios. For residential purposes, a borehole can save you money on your monthly utility bills. By using groundwater for your outdoor needs, you can avoid an excessive municipal bill after filling up the pool or irrigating the yard. Many industrial businesses use more than 1000 ℓ of water daily and these businesses would be better off tapping into an underground source as opposed to using the municipal supply. Therefore, borehole drilling can be the solution that you or your business needs.

For more information on how we can assist you, please peruse our website for details on our different solutions. Tap into an alternative water source today with us on your side.

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