Borehole Drilling Allows You to Tap into All These Benefits

More than ever, water security and responsible water usage are at the forefront of social consciousness in South Africa. For the past couple of years, various regions throughout our country have been experiencing crippling drought, with strict water restrictions being put in place to ration the available supply. As South Africans, we have risen to the challenge, adapting our water-usage habits and becoming much more responsible. Many of us have also resorted to borehole drilling to supplement our water supply to allow us to function normally, even with strict municipal water restrictions in place. While achieving some relief from water restrictions is a great benefit, there are many more advantages to making use of borehole drilling to supplement your water supply. We take a closer look at some of these:

  1. An uninterrupted supply of water. The biggest and most obvious benefit is the fact that it gives the owner access to water that does not depend on the municipal supply and of which the usage is less restricted than is the case with municipal water. In most cases, a proper borehole should easily meet the demand of regular households, without putting strain on the supply.
  2. Lowering the demand on municipal water supply. As mentioned, using borehole drilling as a means to access a supplementary supply of water reduces your dependency on the municipal water supply. This decrease in demand helps support the responsible use and distribution of available public water, as well as allowing the user to avoid inflated water prices during times of water restrictions.
  3. Save money on water bills. Borehole drilling requires an upfront investment. If done properly and by a professional service provider, the drilling process itself costs some money; however, once the owner has access to a functional borehole and uses this resource, it significantly reduces the amount of municipal water used. This, in turn, leads to lower monthly utility bills. This will be even more pronounced during times when water restrictions apply.
  4. Done properly, it is an investment. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. When drilling and installation is done professionally, a borehole is a long-term investment. In fact, if properly constructed, boreholes can easily last for up to 15 years. While they require some maintenance, the upkeep is generally easy and minimal. So, with an upfront monetary investment, owners can secure up to a decade and a half of water access.
  5. It is easy to maintain. As with anything, boreholes do require some maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This is why proper construction is so important. If the construction is sound, the required maintenance will be minimal. The same service provider you used for the actual borehole drilling should be able to assist you with check-ups and any possible maintenance work that needs to be carried out.
  6. Cultivate the garden you want. One of the most enjoyable and visible benefits of having unrestricted access to good quality water is the difference it makes to your property. You can now cultivate the garden landscape you want, rather than replace beds and lawns due to water restrictions. Say farewell to dead plants and brown lawns, and bland, paved-over surfaces. It’s time to have that lush lawn and beautiful flower beds you always wanted!
  7. Increase your property’s value. Residential boreholes can potentially increase property value. The reason is obvious – the benefit of having access to water, even during times of drought and water restrictions, makes any property more desirable. Properties with access to water also usually feature better-maintained gardens, which makes them stand out in the property market when all other gardens are struggling.
  8. Mineral-rich, chemical-free water. Municipal water usually comes from stagnant storage sources such as dams. Because of this, it is treated with chemicals to kill possible harmful bacteria and to make sure the water is safe for human consumption. This cleaning process also often removes many of the natural minerals found in water. Boreholes provide access to naturally filtered water. While this should still be tested before being used for human consumption, it will still be beneficial to your garden and potentially less harsh on your skin.

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