Borehole Drilling – Considering Borehole Drilling?

Aug 30, 2022

Are You Considering Borehole Drilling?

When you open a tap or hose, you expect water to come out. Chances are, if you went into your kitchen right now and opened the cold-water tap, you would get a cool stream of water and you probably wouldn’t even second-guess it. That being said, it is easy to take water for granted. It’s one of those things you don’t really appreciate until it’s gone. Just imagine trying to flush a toilet or trying to water your thirsty daisies and not getting a single drop. Water shedding is not yet a commonplace occurrence like loadshedding, but it happens frequently enough all across South Africa to make it a mild inconvenience at best and a devastating disaster at worst.borehole drilling

Borehole drilling provides consumers with alternative sources of water, making it a valuable investment in a country where water shedding and droughts are increasing in frequency. If you expect to keep the water running in your home, then you should consider putting a borehole in your backyard. In the article below, we will examine how borehole drilling works and how you can benefit from it (beyond the few applications we have already mentioned).

Borehole Drilling Explained 

If you need an alternative source of water, you cannot just grab a pick and a shovel and excavate your entire backyard before you find it. In fact, borehole drilling does not require any initial excavation to determine the viability of a site. For example, if you approach a company like ours to conduct borehole drilling on your property, we would first conduct a survey of the area using geographic and geological data (such as finding out if there are other functioning boreholes in the area), along with other techniques like ground radar and sample collecting. These techniques can help us determine the location and depth of potential aquifers on your property, so you won’t have to worry about destroying a perfectly good garden for the sake of a water well.

Every city has its own laws and bylaws when it comes to excavating wells or installing boreholes on your property, but we always make sure we fully comply with these ordinances before we initiate a project. Once we have determined whether there are viable aquifers on your property, we will commence the drilling procedure. The equipment we use for this is relatively compact, which means we will have little trouble accessing your property once it is time to start the operation. If there are any issues with accessing a site, they would have been picked up in the initial surveying phase. Once everything is done, you can simply enjoy the benefits of having access to water even when there is a drought or water restrictions in your area.

How You Can Benefit

There is more to it than just having an alternative source of water, but that is arguably the biggest benefit. When municipalities implement water restrictions, they usually include a clause that allows the use of boreholes. Other benefits include saving money on municipal bills in the long term, not to mention boreholes potentially increasing property value over time. You also won’t have to worry about maintenance, because it’s as easy as giving us a call every year or so to clean out and service the equipment.

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