Inyati Drilling and Mining cc. offers geo-hydrological surveys using the advanced DJI M600 Pro ROA equipped with a GSM Potassium Data Magnetometer, penetrating up to 500 m below the earth’s surface. With an elapse time of 35–40 minutes, it generates precise aeromagnetic maps for analysis by expert geologists, facilitating accurate groundwater and mineral staking.

Rapid Surveying: The DJI M600 Pro ROA allows for quick data collection, reducing surveying time and enabling efficient project completion.

High-Resolution Mapping: State-of-the-art aeromagnetic maps produced from gathered data provide detailed insights into geological features, aiding geologists in accurate analysis and decision-making.

Compliance and Safety: Adherence to strict Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) regulations ensures legal and safe operations, with qualified pilots overseeing every survey, mitigating risks, and ensuring responsible conduct.

All ROA operations must be permitted by Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), whether local or cross border. Strict regulations apply in obtaining the permits, and only a professional and qualified pilot with all relevant documents and licences is appointed to operate the ROA.

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