Borehole Drilling Makes Sense

Wouldn’t a Borehole Just Make All the Sense in the World?

That’s an easy question to answer if you’re paying for municipal water in South Africa, because its price has escalated quite dramatically over the last decade or two. Perhaps many homeowners think that borehole drilling is a messy, industrial process, unsuited to a suburban residence, but that’s a fallacy. Anyone and everyone can enjoy underground water, as a borehole can supply even apartment block buildings. Borehole drilling is also a very scientific and measured process. Admittedly, a drilling rig is large, and looks much better on the road than in your yard!

What smart South Africans have realised, however, is that a drilling rig is designed to get into your yard, so there’s no reason to live without a source of clean underground water. The process generates some dust, some noise, and ideally loads of water, but it’s a once-off that sets you up for life. Borehole drilling for the average homeowner typically only lasts a day, two at most, as the capabilities of modern rigs mean that you can get down to 60 or even 80 metres in a day relatively easily. That’s in fact a lot deeper than most suburban boreholes will go, as depending on where in the country you are, you can often expect to hit water anywhere from only a few metres down onwards.

Borehole Drilling Is a Moment in Time, One That Sets You Up for LifeBorehole Drilling

Borehole drilling happens on the back of science, and that science would have determined whether it’s going to be worth your while to go beyond the first water you strike in a quest for stronger water further down. The long and the short of it is, that the average South African borehole produces sufficient water well before you hit 100 metres depth, which means borehole drilling at residential or commercial premises will take but a day. Lots of planning goes into making that day happen, but it’s a blip on the monitor in comparison to free water for life! Although the cost will vary depending on how far down the drill team needs to go, it can still be pegged fairly accurately.

Nowadays, we can say with a fair amount of certainty at what depth you’ll hit water, because a wide range of tools and instrumentation is brought into play before a drill site is identified on your premises. This means the costs can be predicted with a fair amount of accuracy, another reason not to be intimidated by the prospect of drilling a borehole, and escaping a big component of the suburban grid, and its ever-rising costs. Professionals like the Inyati Group have also tailored their service offering to accommodate the greater number of homeowners who want to access underground water. Our rigs are sleek and modern, and our staff are well aware of the need to keep mess and fuss to a minimum!

Let Inyati Group Make Your Dreams of Fresh, Clean Water Come True

Inyati Group services both commercial and residential borehole drilling needs, and we also do constant speculative or exploration drilling for various clients across the country. For blast holes or boreholes, Inyati Group leads the field in professional, scientifically informed drilling, and after years in the game, we know our stuff.

We’re affordable, skilled, and highly professional in service, all of the things both home and business owners want to hear when they’re thinking of their potential underground water supply. Call on Inyati Group first for the fastest response, clearest outline of what’s at play, and quickest, neatest, and friendliest borehole drilling service around.


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