Borehole Drilling

Not only commercial entities, but more and more homeowners too are latching onto the fact that South Africa has subterranean water. We might be a dry country at times and in places, but it seems there’s always water running below ground. This is true almost anywhere on earth of course-South Africa is not unique in this regard-but only over the last decade or two have homeowners begun to look to borehole drilling in far greater numbers. Whereas business management of property (think farms and industrial estates) has always gone straight to groundwater as a resource, homeowners understandably have been comfortable being supplied by the local municipality.

This is changing. The unpalatable taste and escalating cost of municipal water are big drivers behind the trend, not to mention an erratic supply at times. Having done the math, many consumers now realise they’re doing themselves a disservice by not accessing their underground water supplies. The good news is, borehole drilling is a relatively quick and highly effective process. It needs to be determined where the water lies on any given property, but once pinpointed, borehole drilling is a smart and swift exercise.

Borehole Drilling Comes With Immediate RewardsBorehole Drilling

Borehole drilling works like this: pay upfront and save for a lifetime. For anyone with even a modest budget for borehole drilling, the benefits of having your own groundwater on tap for the rest of your life far outweigh being tied into a municipal water supply. Not only is municipal quality at times dubious, the cost of water in South Africa is no longer negligible. Just living a conventional life that includes bathing, dishwashing. laundry, and perhaps some garden irrigation, can cost a whack in 2021!

A borehole alleviates all of that forever more and even factoring in maintenance and replacement costs over the years, it remains obvious that anyone savvy enough to drill a borehole gains huge savings thereafter. The initial outlay is not onerous and compares favourably to solar geyser and other green energy solution costs. For those who are all about renewable energy, solar borehole pumps are now becoming a mainstream reality too. Those who opt for solar power for their borehole are not only dumping municipal water charges for good, but they’re also eliminating the cost of electricity that would be required with a conventionally powered arrangement.

Inyati Group Makes Borehole Drilling Quick and Simple

At Inyati Group, we’re drilling holes in the ground every day of our lives! We’ve drilled more boreholes than we can count, and we bring that professional expertise right to your doorstep. We’ll come in and map out where to drill and how exactly to access and complete the hole. Moreover, we’re pros when it comes to equipping your borehole-the wiring and plumbing you’ll need to effectively extract the water from your borehole-and you’ll have the reassurance that you’ll be completely ready to access your groundwater.

Inyati means no missing bits and no silly “boer-maak-’n-plan” arrangements! We’re consummate professionals, and we’ll get in and get out as quickly and neatly as possible, leaving you with a wonderful supply of your own underground water. Call on us when you want great results fast, and we’ll show you just how efficient and pleasant it can be to have a pro team setting you up for life. Borehole drilling is simply a commonsense route to escaping the stranglehold of municipal bills, and it’s a genuine pleasure to off-grid in suburbia!

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