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The Cost of Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling is an excellent way to access a valuable resource we all need in an efficient and cost-effective manner. When water supplies run dry on the surface, boreholes can still provide us with a steady supply of water to use for consumption, gardening, and other general-purpose uses. While boreholes provide significant value for property owners, there is still the question of whether or not it is a worthwhile investment, especially when considering the cost-to-benefit ratio. The cost of borehole drilling can vary due to several factors, which we will explain in the article below.


Factors That Affect the Pricing of Borehole Drilling

You can’t just pay a company to drill a hole in your backyard and hope they find water that way. Borehole drilling is a complex process that requires extensive tests and surveys to be conducted on a property before the actual drilling commences. These tests play a role in increasing the costs of such projects, but they are necessary components in ensuring that projects turn out successful. Otherwise, you will end up with heavy property damage (and nothing to show for it).

Another major factor in determining project costs is the depth of the hole that needs to be drilled. As it is impossible to determine this information without the tests and surveys mentioned previously (not all groundwater is accessible at the same depth), it is not always possible to give a precise or accurate estimate of the total potential costs of a project. It is only possible to give a rough estimate based on existing data.

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Even if the quoted price of a borehole sounds high, it should be noted that it also adds significant value to your property that may even exceed the initial costs of the borehole itself.

The last factors worth mentioning are the drilling techniques and equipment used. Depending on the geology and geography of an area, bigger or smaller drills may be required, which may also influence the team sizes of personnel needed to operate the equipment in question. You will never see just one person on a project site. Every person on the site has a particular role to fulfil, and bigger projects will have more roles that need to be filled due to their size and complexity.

It is worth noting that location also plays a major role in determining final costs, as it can determine the accessibility of a site, in addition to influencing the geological and pedological (soil) makeup of an area. Sites that are difficult to access may require additional personnel to dismantle barriers like gates and fences, not to mention incurring costs related to potential property damage that may arise from the presence of heavy machinery. But these factors can be mitigated with thorough testing and surveys, which will allow for efficient planning to account for any potential problems.


How To Save Money on Borehole Drilling

The best way to save money on projects like borehole drilling is to leave it to the professionals. We know what we are doing, and we can choose the most efficient methods and equipment to guarantee success.

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