Blast Hole Drilling

Blast Hole Drilling Services from Inyati Group

At Inyati Drilling and Mining Group, we have worked hard to earn the reputation of an industry leader in the blast hole drilling industry in South Africa. Our head office is based in Pretoria but we provide leading drilling services throughout the entire African continent. Our range of services is extensive and also includes water well drilling to exploration and percussion.

We are considered leaders in our industry and also rank amongst the largest drilling operators on the African continent. This is just another testament to our industry leading status and to our commitment to making sure that we are able to help our clients meet the demands of their industries. Throughout the many years of operation in the industry we have forged relationships with key industry players, among them some of the largest mining companies in the world.

Our strong team of qualified professionals make use of the very best quality equipment that allows us to take on complete projects on large scales. Some of the main categories of blast hole drilling services offered by Inyati group include the following:

  • Percussion drilling – this includes monitoring, geotechnical and water well drilling.
  • Exploration which includes core drilling and reverse circulation, among many others.

Additionally we also provide add-on services such as the full camp facility which is set up and management and we also offer drill program planning and development. These are only a few of the many cutting edge blast hole drilling and other drilling services offered by Inyati Group throughout the African continent.

Reverse Circulation Services

Using this innovative method, test holes are drilled in order to evaluate the contents of the soil in particular geographical locations. This is done with the express intent of assessing whether the materials that are present are of any value and good enough quality to justify further mining and mineral operations. Inyati Group, for instance, offer exploration drills for diamonds, coal or any other valuable resources.

We make use of various techniques and systems depending on the specific geographical area, depth, purpose of drilling and deposits which includes Odex systems and hammers and tricone, to name a few. The process of reverse circulation will involve the returning of drill cuttings to the surface inside the drill rods. It will entail using a hammer that will drive a tungsten steel drill bit.

Aside from blast hole drilling, we also offer core drilling services. This method is used when a cylinder of material must be removed and also used in applications where the drill core bits should be preserved or where the more rapid drills can easily take place if fewer materials need to be removed. This remains one of the most popular methods in the construction for the drilling of pipes and manholes.

It is also a method that is extensively used in mineral exploration where coring might have to be up to thousands of feet in length. The sample recovery is then followed by geological examination in order to determine the percentage present as well as to identify the stratigraphic contact points. Mining houses use this information to determine viability studies of the sites.

Other Drilling Services Offered by Inyati GroupBorehole Drilling Company - Blast Hole Drilling

We also offer the following drilling services throughout the entire African continent:

  • Percussion including water well drilling and monitoring drilling,
  • Reverse circulation drilling,
  • Rotary mud,
  • Odex and
  • Core drilling, to name only a few.

We are entirely committed to helping our valued clients meet the demands and challenges of their industry. When partnering with Inyati Group you will have the full force of all our resources, expertise and experience behind your project. Our team of professional and qualified technicians will take care of every blast hole drilling project from inception to completion and will provide you with the expert and leading services that you’ve come to expect from Inyati Group.

Through our many years’ experience we have gained valuable insight into the industry which we will use to help our customers enjoy a far higher quality experience. Our teams and resources and industry leading equipment is available to your benefit and we will continue to work hard to provide you with competitively priced blast hole drilling services, anywhere in Africa.

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