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Achieve Maximum Productivity with Expert Borehole Testing Solutions

Borehole testing is performed to assess the hydraulic behaviour of a well, as well as to determine the hydraulic properties of the aquifer. It is also used as an accurate way to determine the effects of pumping on water. When undertaking borehole testing, it needs to be planned out thoroughly, so as to ensure that the maximum information is gleaned about both the aquifer and the water well.

There are various ways to test a borehole, depending on what information needs to be obtained. Some of the aspects that could form part of borehole testing may include:

  • Step tests;
  • Equipment tests;
  • Constant discharge tests;
  • Constant draw-down tests; and
  • Recovery tests, to name only a few.

An equipment test is performed to ensure that the pumping equipment and discharge measuring devices are all functioning correctly. Other aspects that are tested during this phase include the flow metres, v-notch tanks and the water level, as well as other monitoring equipment. This phase of borehole testing also facilitates the gathering of other data to allow planning of subsequent pumping tests.

A step test’s objective is to establish the short-term yield versus the draw-down data. This test entails pumping the well in a series of steps, each with varying discharge rates. During this process, at least four steps is advisable, with the final step used to test the flow rate. This produces an estimate of the well’s maximum yield. Every step of this test is equal in duration, in order to arrive at an accurate conclusion.

Borehole Testing and Constant Discharge Tests

The objective of the constant discharge test involves obtaining data on the characteristics of an aquifer within the radius of influence of the pumped well. In order to achieve this, observation wells are required to determine the aquifer properties. Similarly, a constant draw-down test may have the same purpose as a constant discharge test in that it is utilised for testing for overflowing wells, as well as for testing with suction pumps for design of de-watering schemes.

Recovery tests are carried out on aquifers after completing a constant discharge test. It is used to perform a check on transmissivity values that are derived from the discharge test. At Inyati Group, we work hard to provide our clients with reliable borehole testing that produces the results and information that they need.

When approaching us for expert borehole testing services, we require the following information:Borehole Testing

  • Site location plan;
  • Borehole diameters;
  • Borehole and observation well site plans;
  • The depth of water and total depth of the well; and
  • Expected flow rates and duration of pump test.

Efficient and Reliable Borehole Testing Solutions in Southern Africa

At Inyati Group, we have worked hard to become one of the leading drilling and mining groups in Africa. Our range of services is extensive and includes water well drilling, and percussion and exploration drilling, among many other services and solutions. Aside from being considered leaders in our industry, our company is also ranked among the largest drilling operators on the continent.

We bring expertise and insight to the industry, in order to provide our services and solutions to an extensive and varied client base. With our solid relationships with some of the largest mining companies around the world, our strong team and cutting-edge equipment, we are able to take on projects from inception to completion, regardless of size or scale.

Our main category of drilling includes exploration drilling, which includes reverse circulation and core drilling. We also specialise in percussion drilling, including monitoring, water well and geotechnical drilling. Aside from this, we also provide add-on services, such as full camp facility setup and management, as well as borehole testing and drill programme development.

Another aspect that sets us apart in the industry is that we offer turnkey mining and drilling solutions. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead work with you to determine the best course of action to meet your needs. Harness the power of our unmatched insight and expertise in the industry, and let our experience work for you.

Contact us at Inyati Group to learn more about our company, and to find out how our borehole testing solutions can provide you with the critical, real-time information that you need to make wise and informed business decisions.

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