Core Drilling V.S Impact Drilling – Core Drilling Mining Method

The Difference Between Core Drilling and Impact Drilling

If you have a project that requires drilling, the kind of drill you use for the job can make a world of difference. The only thing more important would be the person behind the drill. On a busy construction site, it is not always easy or efficient to plan out a drill at a particular point, so the job usually gets assigned to whoever can get it done the quickest. This approach can work, but a mistake can be costly. It is, therefore, better to do the planning long before construction starts and to leave the drill work to people who know what they are doing, especially when it comes to the appropriate drill methods. But, in order to establish which drill needs to be used, it’s important to know whether core or impact drilling is required.

There are many drilling methods used on construction and mining sites today, with core and impact drilling being two of the most common ones. In the article below, we will look at how each of these methods work (and what they are used for), as well as provide an overview of the methods used by us at Inyati.


How Each Of These Drilling Methods WorkCore Drilling

Each drill method is used for different things and to be able to perform a specific function, they need to work in specific ways. Core drilling is used for collecting core samples at a site, while impact drilling is used to drill a hole without the need of keeping anything intact.

In order to collect core samples, a drill would need a specially designed drill bit (in the shape of a cylinder) that can remove a shape from rock and soil and keep it intact for later study or analysis in a lab. Core samples collected in this way need to be intact so that a geologist or other specialist can analyse the strata (layers) to determine the overall rock and mineral composition of a site, as well as how those layers are distributed. A sample that is pulverised or damaged makes analysis more difficult and can hinder a project.

An impact drill is used to create holes or openings in high-density rock. Since this type of drill does not need to collect cores, the drill bits used are usually designed to concentrate a large amount of force in a small area (hence the name “impact drill”). A good example is the hammer drill bit used in Odex drills and jackhammers.


Which Drilling Methods Are Used by Inyati?

We cannot give all our secrets away, but we can tell you that the methods used by us will depend on the scope of a project. Whether you need core samples collected or solid rock loosened, we have all the tools you will need. All you need to do is talk to us and give us an overview of the results you expect and the timeframe in which you would like to see those results. We will get to work, and your project will be finished in no time at all.

Contact us if you want us to help you with your next big construction or mining project.

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