The Biggest Advantage of Using Core Drilling

The primary purpose of core drilling is to make perfectly cylindrical holes (or tubes) in rock or any other densely packed substrate. The utility goes beyond the ability to make holes, however, as almost any drill can do that. The biggest advantage of using core drilling over other methods is that the cores obtained from such drills are kept mostly intact, whereas other drills tend to pulverise or grind materials into the hole (which then adds debris removal to the labour load). In the article below, we will look at some of the other benefits of core drilling.Core Drilling

More Core Drilling Benefits 

The benefits of core drilling mostly stem out of the utility of both the hole drilled and the material that was extracted. These benefits (along with a few others) are further explained below.

  • Creating a Perfect Shape:

The signature cylindrical shape left behind after a sample was extracted is just as important as the sample itself. Depending on the project, the hole can be used for piping and cabling, as well as any other kind of construction or installation project that requires perfectly circular or cylindrical apertures.

  • Obtaining Samples:

The extracted cores and the samples themselves are highly valuable, as they can tell us a lot about the general mineral composition of an area, as well as the density of the rock beneath a site. These drills can also reach greater depths than other drills, making them perfect for collecting geological data.

  • Easier Debris Removal:

Due to the nature of these drills, it is much easier to clear out a hole than with other equipment like regular hammer or corkscrew drills. The reason is that the latter causes a lot of vibration and friction while it crushes rock and other dense materials to create the hole. This is usually not a problem with smaller projects (where hand drills or braces are used), as you can usually just use a bit of pressurised air to remove dust and debris from the hole. It becomes a more cumbersome issue with larger projects, as you would have to routinely stop and remove heavy debris first before you can continue. As mentioned above, the use of a cylindrical drill eliminates this issue by keeping the extracted material mostly intact (making it easier to remove in one go) and by using much less friction to perform the same job.

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