Core Drilling Machines |Maintenance and Safety Protocols

Maintenance and Safety Protocols for Core Drilling Machines

Diamond core drilling machines play a pivotal role in geological analysis and resource assessment by retrieving precise cylindrical core samples of subsurface materials, essential for mining and exploration projects. Despite the many benefits of these machines, if not maintained or operated properly, it could result in serious injuries. At Inyati Group, we prioritise the safe and proper operation of our drilling machinery and would like to share some fundamental maintenance tips and essential safety practices that should be adhered to during operation.

Core Drilling Machines: Preventative Maintenance for Safe Operationcore drilling machines

To ensure both the safety and efficiency of core drilling machines, the implementation of a rigorous maintenance and inspection regime is crucial. Adhering to manufacturer-specified guidelines alongside established industry best practices is essential to operations. We would suggest that you implement preventative maintenance programmes to address issues that could lead to possible safety hazards. These should include:

  1. Regular Inspection of Core Drilling Machines

Ensure that:

  • All moving parts are adequately lubricated before and during use.
  • All damaged or worn parts are immediately replaced.
  • Fluid levels are checked.
  • Critical machine components such as the drill heads and electrical systems are thoroughly inspected before use.


  1. Training

    Personnel operating the machinery should be thoroughly trained to recognise immediate problems to prevent the core drilling machines from malfunctioning. The prompt identification of any equipment anomalies, irregularities, or indications of wear and tear is vital. This proactive approach safeguards the integrity of the machines and mitigates any potential for unforeseen accidents.

Safeguarding Your Crew

The paramount importance of safety cannot be overemphasised. Safety protocols safeguard your crew from potential accidents, injuries, and long-term health ramifications. Furthermore, they ensure the efficient execution of diamond core drilling projects, minimising disruptions and optimising overall project productivity.

  1. General Safety Checks
  • Ensure the area is properly checked before drilling – time must be taken to study maps and surveys of the area beforehand, specifically if there is a risk that drilling activities could lead to excessive debris from above.
  • Wearing personal protection equipment – hard hats, goggles, steel-toed boots, protective gloves, and respiratory protection should be worn at all times when operating drilling machines. We advise that no loose clothing or jewellery is worn as you stand a chance of having these items getting caught in the moving bits of the machinery.
  • Know your drill – we have mentioned the importance of proper maintenance; however, equally crucial is checking core drilling machines before turning them on for any damage to the drill and electrical cord. Ensure you are using the right bit and that all members of your crew know where the emergency stop buttons are in the event of an accident.


  1. Enhanced Safety During Operation

    Ensuring that all team members follow safety protocols during drilling is imperative. Water plays a critical role in diamond drilling. Proper water application cools and lubricates the drill bit, mitigating friction and enhancing safety during operation. Water serves to cool the drill bit, preventing excessive heat generation, which could lead to equipment damage. Water also suppresses dust during drilling, safeguarding the respiratory health of your crew. 


Drilling Solutions for Diverse Industries

At Inyati Group, we are a leading provider of high-calibre drilling services within the mining sector, for industrial clients, and for geotechnical specialists. Our unwavering commitment to safety protocols, teamwork, exceptional customer service, and industry expertise has positioned us as Africa’s largest and most respected drilling company. For turnkey solutions that meet your specific core drilling requirements, feel free to contact us.

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