Borehole Drilling Prices Pretoria

Getting to Grips with Borehole Drilling Prices in Pretoria

If you are thinking of getting a borehole at your home, you have probably asked around about the prices involved in the drilling project. Neighbours and friends might have mentioned prices that differ from the quotes you received from drilling companies in and around Pretoria. The fact is, no drilling project is the same if you are planning on getting a borehole. We have put together a list of the costs involved when your borehole drilling project is underway, so you are clued up about all the costs and what they are for.

The Understanding the Prices of Borehole Drilling

You must do a bit of homework about borehole drilling and the prices involved first. If you don’t, you won’t have any idea what you are paying for. Make sure you understand the items listed on your quote. If something is not clear or you are unsure what the items are for, ask questions. If the drilling service provider is worth their salt, they will gladly answer any questions you have.

Depth of The BoreholeBorehole Drilling

South Africa has many different types of soil; even in Pretoria, soil density varies, and drilling companies don’t know what they are in for until they start drilling. Depth is always the determining factor when it comes to the prices of borehole projects. Most drill quotes are based on the metres to be drilled. Whether you are drilling a 10-m or 100-m borehole, it will have a significant bearing on the cost. The drill depth will depend on the depth of the aquifer you want to reach. Therefore, you need to have a good knowledge of the hydrogeology in your area in Pretoria. You will just waste money if you drill without knowing exactly what you are targeting.

The Borehole’s Construction

Borehole construction is another big contributor to cost. Your borehole needs to be constructed the right way, or else you will spend a lot more money trying to fix it later than you saved cutting costs when you installed it. If the driller needs to bring their drill rig quite far from Pretoria to get to you, the prices may be higher. Access to your site can sometimes pose a problem, further complicating pricing the process.

The Location for Your Borehole

Most residential areas in Pretoria are surrounded by fencing or brick walls. Getting a 25-tonne drill rig onto the property can be difficult. In most cases, your driveway is where it all starts. You need to keep in mind that some deconstruction may need to be done to allow the drill rig to access your property, and once the borehole has been drilled, some building work may be required to restore the area. These costs are something a lot of owners forget about and are not included in the drilling prices. While this adds to the costs, the reality is that borehole drilling will involve some mess, so it is better to plan for it than to get a nasty surprise once drilling starts.

Shop, and Ask, Around

If you haven’t already, talk to people in your Pretoria neighbourhood that have had boreholes drilled. Chances are their soil will be similar to yours, and what they tell you can be valuable in determining the prices involved in your borehole drilling project. If you get a sense that a quote is too high, get another one from a different company. If you make sure you are comparing apples with apples, the more quotes you compare, the better. Make sure you check the drill depth that is quoted for, the method they use, and the borehole construction to ensure the quotes are for the same things. Remember, the cheapest quote is not always the best option. When installing a borehole, you get what you pay for, and you want your borehole to last.

At Inyati Group, we are always excited to work side by side with our clients to get them the quality drilling work they want without prices that go way over their budget. We pride ourselves on our expert borehole-drilling techniques and use state-of-the-art drilling technology to give you the best drilling services. Get a drilling company in Pretoria you can trust to do the job right. Get a quote from us and find out why we are highly recommended by our clients.

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