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borehole drillingWe rely on water for almost everything we do. If we are not drinking it to survive, we are using it in our everyday lives to clean ourselves (and our belongings), to water gardens and crops, to manufacture and process goods, and even in the form of recreation (swimming and good old-fashioned, but indulgent, water balloon fights). We cannot live without water, so it is vital to ensure we take steps to protect the precious few sources of water we have access to. Water may be integral to our daily lives, but of equal importance is its conservation. By taking steps like borehole drilling and using water sparingly, we can ensure that we will still have access to fresh, clean water today and tomorrow.

Borehole drilling in Pretoria is rising in popularity as more and more water disruptions and restrictions occur. Far from being a trend, borehole drilling is increasingly becoming a necessity for residents who need uninterrupted access to water, whether it is for drinking or any of the other abovementioned uses.


Why Pretoria Gets Water Restrictions

The main cause of water restrictions anywhere is a disruption in water supply to a given area. Pretoria gets its water from various sources, including dams, reservoirs, and groundwater. If enough of these supply systems fail or are put under significant pressure, it could result in the demand for water exceeding the supply. When this happens, water restrictions are put in place to curb water use and to prevent water sources running dry completely.

To avoid a “Day Zero” event (when a city runs out of potable water), City of Tshwane officials have encouraged the residents of Pretoria to use water sparingly whenever they can. Some tips to save water and reduce pressure on Pretoria’s water supply system include not watering the garden between 06:00 in the morning until 18:00 in the afternoon, avoiding the use of water hoses and high-pressure systems to wash vehicles, and not filling swimming pools.

Boreholes and borehole drilling can help alleviate pressure on the water system, as they provide access to water that is not directly connected to the main water supply system. That does not mean that residents who have resorted to borehole drilling should stop saving water, however. An important thing to note about borehole drilling in Pretoria is that the water from the borehole may only be used on the property where it is located – no giving your water away or selling it to other residents. Residents with boreholes on their properties also need to have clear signage that indicates the presence (and use) of a borehole.


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