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Drilling is a fundamental and useful process for a myriad of functions and applications. Whether it is large industrial companies in Africa or a regular household in Pretoria, this process can be utilised for various benefits. Most commonly, it is used to gain access to resources underneath the surface of the earth. These resources can include ore deposits, pipelines, and aquifers. Therefore, you need an all-inclusive approach when looking for a feasible contractor for your business. Inyati Group offers turnkey solutions in this sector, making it easy and approachable for an array of applications

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa. Nestled in the beating heart of this country, our head offices are ideally located for businesses across the country. Our drilling solutions deliver an extensive selection of services for different companies from various sectors. Anything from wells to percussion, we can take care of. As one of the largest operators in Africa, we offer quality equipment and expertise to get the job done. We can also take on large-scale projects to suit the needs of your business.

The World of Drilling at a Glance

The business of drilling involves different ways of delving into the surface of this planet. Mines serve as prime examples, where they use large shafts to obtain valuable minerals from underneath the crust. Before such a shaft is constructed, companies would employ a contractor to evaluate the content of the soil. This process is called reverse circulation and involves creating test holes in specific locations to assess the mineral contents. This type of assessment can display the present minerals to see if there is any cause for further investment. Pretoria has its fair share of riches underground as well.

Water is the most valuable entity on earth, as it ensures the survival of almost every living species on this planet. Although the oceans hold the most water, there are useful underground sources as well. These sources are commonly referred to as aquifers. Underground water sources have been accessed since the discovery of wells, which dates back long before the common era. Drilling water wells and converting them into boreholes is an effective method of giving residential homes an alternative source of water. Companies in Pretoria can also use boreholes to the benefit of their business operations.

Percussion drilling is a method where the head of the drill is constantly moving back and forth on its linear plane during the process. This method is preferred for pinpoint accuracy and penetration of hard rocks. It can be used to create wells for water pumping, as well as creating room for pipelines and maintenance holes before they are installed. As one of the leading companies in Africa, we can approach any type of small- and large-scale project for your business. The concept of yielding valuable resources from underneath the surface of the earth led to many breakthroughs in various sectors of the industrial and commercial sectors.

Oil is a common substance that is used for a very large selection of products that we use today. Everything from internal combustion engines and mechanical machinery to guitar strings and modern household appliances use oil to either be created or maintained. Therefore, the world of drilling is responsible for most of the technological advances that we have access to. Many companies rely on their ability to yield underground resources, such as the myriad of mines we have in South Africa. Without the services that we offer, none of this would be a possibility.

Drilling can also be applied to construction and maintenance. Companies in the business can relate to the importance of laying out a solid foundation on a construction yard. Having access to underground utilities and pipelines is required. Pretoria is geologically placed on an area that is rich with minerals and resources. As a result, various businesses can make excellent use of our solutions. Whether you need a new water well to access an aquifer, or a viable method of soil assessment, we have you covered. Our solutions are available for businesses outside of South Africa as well.

Inyati Group is your answer to drilling solutions for your company. We offer an all-inclusive approach to ensure that your business can take advantage of our capabilities. Although our head offices are in Pretoria, we serve the larger part of Africa as well. For more info, contact us today with your enquiries on how we can get you access to the underground.

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