The Costs Involved in Borehole Drilling in South Africa

While a borehole is definitely an investment, there are costs that need to be taken into account before the decision to start borehole drilling is reached. Arming yourself with all the info you’ll need regarding costs and other logistics will ensure that you aren’t presented with any unpleasant surprises. You will learn that the costs associated with borehole and blast hole drilling will largely depend on the geology of the site that will be drilled, as well as on the borehole survey.

While it’s expected that the easiest drilling will be in areas of loose and soft geologies, the opposite tends to be true in this instance. As it happens one of the main challenges with drilling is actually keeping the borehole open during the drilling process. This makes it even more difficult to achieve if the hole keeps collapsing due to the geology of the site being unstable and loose.

Many methods are employed to combat this from occurring, including the use of temporary steel casing and drilling additives, among other technological solutions. All of these factors will be reflected in the cost of the borehole.

Borehole and Blast Hole Drilling from Inyati Group

At Inyati Group we are one of the leaders in the southern African region for borehole drilling services. We make use of the following drilling methods:

  • Exploration – Reverse Circulation, Core Drilling
  • Blasting Holes – Production Drilling
  • Percussion Drilling – Methods: Water Well, Mud, Rotary & ODEX,  Geotechnical Drilling & Monitoring Drilling

Aside from these we also offer full camp facilities and drill program planning. Even though the Inyati Group’s Head Quarters is situated in Pretoria, we provide well-equipped workshops at all of our sites. We have fully equipped fleets that are able to serve all your company’s blasting needs faster, better and at a decreased cost. The fleets feature drill rigs and pneumatic compressors, among other fantastic equipment and technology.

All the success that we’ve been able to achieve has been made possible by our talented team of members who continually strive to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met in the safest and most efficient manner – be it offering expert borehole and blast hole drilling, or other drilling services.

At Inyati Group we strive towards a culture where each operative assumes personal accountability for the accomplishment of each of our contracts. This is all pursued with the eye on providing a satisfying customer experience while guiding the business towards continuing fruitful relationships with our customers.

Our company is comprised of professional and dedicated industry experts who have dedicated their professional development on a range of drilling and blasting operations so as to maintain the positions as industry and market leaders. Inyati Group staff is dedicated to excellence and to meeting the stringent demands and challenges of the quarrying, civil engineering and mining industries in modern times.

The Drilling and Mining Division of Inyati Group is also led by a group of hands-on management professionals that has achieved a well-deserved industry leading reputation. This is due to their dynamism and vision for creating a division that far exceeds all other offerings on the market.

We are committed to adding value to the companies and industries of our clients and to assist you in meeting the demands of your industries.

Cutting Edge Machinery, Equipment and Technology

In order to solidify our position as market leaders in the borehole drilling industry we continually invest in the very latest and most cutting edge equipment, machinery and technology. Not only do we pride ourselves on our investments in the equipment and technology of the future, we also train our staff to use it in their everyday business operations. This will ensure that you receive the most benefit from these machines and technologies that will provide you with the best value for money.

Your satisfaction has always been our benchmark of success and we continue to strive to raise the bar every day to ensure ongoing success. To learn more about our borehole drilling and blast hole drilling services, contact the Inyati Group to learn about our affordable and advanced drilling services and offerings. Our consultants are standing by to assist you.

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