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Top Tips to Clean Your Residential Borehole Water

Drilling a borehole in your backyard has many pros. Not only is it a good investment for your property, it is also great for irrigation, going off the grid, and having access to your own personal water supply. While getting potable water for household consumption might not have been your first thought when you were busy drilling the borehole, it certainly is possible. Some types of borehole water are perfectly drinkable and can be consumed straight after drilling, although it is best to make sure you filter or sterilise the borehole water, just for in case. Here are a few ways you can purify your residential borehole water after the drilling is done:

Solar Sterilisation

If you are concerned about cost more than time or convenience, using solar sterilisation is the cheapest way to treat your residential borehole water if it is only biologically contaminated. It simply requires you to leave your borehole water in a clear, plastic bottle in the sunlight for a few hours. UV radiation and the heat from the sun will kill bacteria off that causes waterborne illnesses. This method is best to try out with water that’s as clear as possible and not muddy. After residential borehole drilling takes place, you will be able to see just how clear your borehole water really is, as there is no way to tell beforehand.

Bicycle Filter

Bring the fun into filtering when you install a bicycle filter after your borehole drilling is done and you are ready to purify your own water supply. This filter system has a bicycle rigged with a pump to draw water from the residential borehole and a 3-filter system to purify the water. What better way to pump water out of your borehole and get some exercise at the same time?


You might have come across a homemade filtration system in a school project that your little one brought home or you yourself did some time ago. Truth is, a homemade filtration system is just that. Using a plastic bottle, cut off the bottom and fill it with layers of gravel, sand, cloth, and charcoal. Filter the water through it. Using items such as cotton wool and coffee filters are an easy fix that will help you filtrate your water as well. There are also a lot of products on the market that you can buy and simply add to your water supply to filter and get rid of unwanted bacteria.

Add Chlorine

This is one of the most reliable treatment methods to clean residential borehole water. Chlorine is one of the most versatile and effective clean-water solutions for developing countries and everywhere else. It can kill bacteria before it enters home water supplies. Chlorine also keeps the water safe from new contamination long after it is added. Too much chlorine is also no good for you, so be sure to consult with your borehole-drilling or water-filtration specialist about what quantities of chlorine is best to clean your water.

Boil Your Water

It is as simple as putting borehole water in the kettle or a pot on the stove and boiling it to get rid of unwanted bacteria. What is important is that you bring the water to a boil and sustain the temperature for three minutes. When this is done, let the water cool down and you will have drinkable water for the whole family to enjoy. Take note that borehole water may cause rust in your kettle over time, which is unhealthy to consume. So, make sure you keep an eye on the appliances in which you boil your borehole water.

Stove Top Distiller

If you have an infant, it is best to know how to distil water. You can never be too sure of what you give to a baby. While a little complicated, this can technically extract water from most liquids that you find. Inyati Group has been providing residential boreholes to hundreds of residential homes in the Gauteng area and surrounds. We pride ourselves in our specialised drilling services and we make sure you are satisfied with our work every step of the way.

If you are looking for borehole-drilling services to install your own water supply in your backyard, give us a call and we will gladly make it happen.

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